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Zoom Cashiers: The Future?

Plus, Police Drones: The Surveillance State at Your Doorstep?

vox.com · 10 minute read

The use of Zoom cashiers in NYC restaurants illustrates how AI and automation threaten traditional jobs by integrating cheaper labor solutions.

You talk to illustrators, you talk to writers, you talk to copywriters—and freelancers especially—and you hear that they have already lost large percentages of their work...

wired.com · 19 minute read

Chula Vista's drone police program underscores the complicated trade-offs between enhanced security and individual privacy.

techradar.com · 8 minute read

The unveiling of Nvidia's new AI tech sparks concerns about severe environmental impact and the future of human employment.

theverge.com · 21 minute read

Eric Yuan reveals plans for AI-powered digital twins to attend meetings on your behalf.

You do not have to have five or six Zoom calls every day. You can leverage the AI to do that.

time.com · 5 minute read

A letter from AI employees accuses OpenAI and Google DeepMind of concealing the dangers of advanced AI systems to avoid oversight.

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ibtimes.co.uk · 5 minute read

Advancements will soon impact specific industries, with retail cashiers and fast food workers among the first to be automated.

zmescience.com · 5 minute read

Scientists have leveraged AI to reveal over 800,000 potential antibiotics, a discovery that could revolutionize medical treatment of drug-resistant bacteria.

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