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IBM to Replace 7,800 Jobs with AI

Plus, Will AI Undermine Whistleblower Protections?

futurism.com · 2 minute read

IBM's strategy to cut 7,800 jobs with AI and automation in five years underscores the increasing impacts of AI in the workforce.

I could easily see 30 percent of that getting replaced by AI and automation…

AI's dual use in compliance and monitoring may hinder whistleblowing efforts, posing risks to transparency and accountability.

wired.com · 5 minute read

Anthropic's Claude and other AI agents are learning to use external tools, promising major changes in the workplace.

ign.com · 3 minute read

Filmmaking pioneer George Lucas asserts that AI's role in cinema is unavoidable and transformative.

It's inevitable. I mean, it's like saying, 'I don't believe these cars are gunna work. Let's just stick with the horses.'

schneier.com · 9 minute read

New research shows AI-automated phishing scams are highly effective, comparable to those crafted by human experts.

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techradar.com · 2 minute read

New study finds AI, specifically GPT-4, more accurate than human analysts in financial report analysis, marking a significant shift.

thehill.com · 5 minute read

AI’s ability to digitally clone voices and faces demands urgent legal and ethical considerations to prevent misuse.

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