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Copilot AI Agents: Automating Tasks or Replacing Jobs?

Plus, How Effective Will the AI 'Kill Switch' Be?

theverge.com · 5 minute read

Microsoft’s new AI Copilot agents promise to automate routine tasks, further fueling fears of job displacement.

Agents act like virtual employees to automate tasks…

cnbc.com · 3 minute read

Tech firms agree to AI safety measures, including a 'kill switch,' amid rising concerns over AI risks.

time.com · 5 minute read

Anthropic’s new method to scan AI models could significantly impact safety but is still in early stages.

noemamag.com · 11 minute read

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt highlights the exponential growth of AI capabilities and the urgent need for regulation.

These agents are going to be really powerful…

cnn.com · 3 minute read

Elon Musk's prediction that AI will take over jobs raises questions about the future of work and the need for new economic models.

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techspot.com · 4 minute read

Geoffrey Hinton suggests universal basic income as a solution to AI-induced job losses and expresses fears of an AI-induced extinction-level event.

scitechdaily.com · 6 minute read

An autonomous robot has designed a shock-absorbing shape that no human could, promising advancements in safety equipment.

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