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Safety Experts Leave OpenAI Amid Trust Collapse

Plus, How Soon Will Humanoid Robots Enter the Workforce?

vox.com · 10 minute read

Key safety team leaders are leaving OpenAI, raising doubts about the company’s commitment to managing AI risks.

It’s a process of trust collapsing bit by bit…

cnbc.com · 4 minute read

Humanoid robot development is progressing rapidly due to generative AI, with significant implications for employment.

bbc.com · 7 minute read

The use of AI to turn a Ukrainian YouTuber into a Russian propagandist underscores urgent need for regulation and protection against deepfakes.

theguardian.com · 9 minute read

Palantir's first AI warfare conference highlighted deep ethical concerns and aggressive rhetoric about AI-powered military technology.

I’m the new Oppenheimer!

msnbc.com · 4 minute read

The flirty and human-like interactions of OpenAI's GPT-4o chatbot spark debates about the ethics of AI companionship.

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mashable.com · 4 minute read

The confirmed deal between Reddit and OpenAI means user content will be used to train AI tools.

deseret.com · 6 minute read

AI companies' rogue behavior and the lack of regulatory action are creating a perilous future, necessitating urgent government oversight.

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