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AI-Designed Drugs: Outpacing Traditional Research

Plus, Digital Afterlife: Comfort or a Curse?

cnbc.com · 9 minute read

Generative AI may revolutionize drug discovery by designing molecules humans can't.

popsci.com · 4 minute read

As AI recreates dead loved ones, ethicists urge immediate safeguards against the psychological risks and unwanted digital resurrections.

futurism.com · 3 minute read

OpenAI's CEO envisions AI that functions as a super-competent colleague with complete knowledge of your life.

thehill.com · 4 minute read

AI-generated deepfakes pose a significant threat to global security with potential for provoking conflict.

techspot.com · 3 minute read

 CEO of Tata Consultancy Services warns that AI may reduce the need for human call center staff to a minimal level within a year.

arstechnica.com · 4 minute read

The US Marines are testing robotic dogs equipped with AI-targeted rifles, raising significant ethical and strategic questions about the future of warfare.

reuters.com · 2 minute read

A group of visual artists has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming the tech giant used their work without permission to train its AI system.

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