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Will AI Soon Replicate in the Wild?

Plus, Artists Face New Reality as AI Music Accelerates

futurism.com · 3 minute read

Dario Amodei of Anthropic hints AI could soon survive autonomously, raising significant concerns over unchecked advancements.

msn.com · 7 minute read

The emergence of AI music technologies is alarming artists, prompting urgent discussions on ethical data use and copyright respect.

ibtimes.co.uk · 4 minute read

A new device mimicking brain synapses with saltwater solutions suggests potential leap in AI that could emulate human neural processes.

techcrunch.com · 3 minute read

Amidst growing concerns over AI misuse, Microsoft bans US police from using its Azure OpenAI Service for facial recognition tasks.

apnews.com · 5 minute read

An AI-controlled F-16 successfully completed complex maneuvers during a test flight, signaling a significant shift in both the technology's potential and the ethical boundaries of future warfare.

theregister.com · 5 minute read

Discussions at an international conference reveal widespread fears that AI weapons systems could lead to ethical disasters without swift regulatory intervention.

newscientist.com · 2 minute read

In a major clinical trial, an AI alert system analyzing heart activity reduced deaths among high-risk patients by 31%, suggesting a new standard of care for hospitals worldwide.

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