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Facial Recognition Now Guesses Political Alignment

Plus, How Will AI Redefine Financial Markets?

gizmodo.com · 3 minute read

Study finds AI can link facial morphology to political beliefs, raising alarming implications for privacy and biometric surveillance.

finance.yahoo.com · 3 minute read

Promising unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, new AI utilizes quantum computing to optimize investment strategies and outperform traditional methods.

societyofauthors.org · 4 minute read

Generative AI's adoption in creative fields is leading to job losses and income reductions for translators and illustrators.

cbsnews.com · 3 minute read

In Maryland, an AI-generated racist rant wrongly implicates a school principal, highlighting serious ethical and security risks from AI misuse.

chang.com · 8 minute read

The rise of zero-human companies highlights a shift towards fully AI-operated businesses that may outperform human-driven competitors.

techcrunch.com · 4 minute read

EyeEm's recent terms update grants it rights to user photos for AI training, causing frustration among users who now face a complicated and limited deletion process.

futurism.com · 3 minute read

The Berkeley-based startup Profluent uses AI to advance gene editing, creating an open-source tool that promises to refine and accelerate genetic modifications.

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