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AI vs. Employment: A Harsh Trade-Off

Plus, is Microsoft Paving the Way for Deepfake Abuse?

sfgate.com · 3 minute read

The shift towards AI investments in tech firms like Dropbox and Google results in widespread layoffs.

arstechnica.com · 4 minute read

Microsoft's new AI, VASA-1, can animate any photo with real-time speech, risking misuse despite potential innovative uses.

techradar.com · 3 minute read

As AI integration deepens, even CEOs are not immune to job displacement fears, a new survey indicates.

nature.com · 4 minute read

Stanford's latest AI Index suggests AI has surpassed human abilities in key areas, demanding the development of new benchmarks.

vulcanpost.com · 5 minute read

With the introduction of AutoDev, Microsoft pushes developers from coding to managing AI, signaling change for traditional coding.

businessinsider.com · 3 minute read

Wall Street banks are considering reducing analyst roles by 66%, as AI proves capable of handling key financial tasks.

nature.com · 3 minute read

By pinpointing the sources of metastatic cancers, AI offers a significant boost in the diagnosis and management of late-stage cancer patients.

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