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Will AI Replace Your Job? Experts Weigh In

Plus, Thousands of Human Graders Replaced by AI

fastcompany.com · 4 minute read

AI is set to impact almost all job sectors, highlighting an urgent need for adaptive strategies in every profession.

theverge.com · 2 minute read

Texas introduces an AI-powered grading system for state exams, sparking debate over its reliability and impact on educational fairness.

bleepingcomputer.com · 3 minute read

The surge in fake AI ads on Facebook poses a serious threat, tricking users into downloading malware.

politico.com · 3 minute read

SEC Chair Gensler warns that unchecked AI could lead to a financial meltdown, urging a broad regulatory approach to mitigate risks.

theregister.com · 4 minute read

Researchers explore the potential for AI to manage scientific projects, highlighting both efficiency gains and ethical dilemmas.

yahoo.com · 3 minute read

Amazon's significant investment in robotics, boasting a 750,000-strong robot workforce, raises questions about long-term human employment implications.

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