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Warnings Ignored: Tech Giants Forge Ahead

Plus, GPT-4 is 82% More Persuasive Than a Human

seattletimes.com · 9 minute read

The race for AI dominance sees Microsoft and Google overlooking ethical safeguards, despite known potential risks.

newatlas.com · 4 minute read

GPT-4's ability to outperform humans in persuasion, enhanced by emotion-reading technology, signals unprecedented potential for manipulation.

reuters.com · 2 minute read

Adecco's survey indicates AI will lead to reduced workforces, emphasizing the need for adaptation and reskilling.

theregister.com · 3 minute read

A consortium of tech giants, including IBM, is exploring AI's impact on jobs, emphasizing the need for massive reskilling efforts.

truthdig.com · 7 minute read

Tech leaders’ stark warnings about AGI’s dangers underscore the precarious balance between technological progress and existential risk.

ibtimes.co.uk · 2 minute read

AI-driven interviews raise questions about the effectiveness and fairness of automated recruitment, as biases and implementation challenges persist.

972mag.com · Long read

The use of 'Lavender' AI by the Israeli army in Gaza raises pressing questions about the role of artificial intelligence in modern conflict and its implications for civilian safety.

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