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41% of Managers Plan to Replace Staff

Plus, NYC Bot's Legal Advice Could Cost You

techspot.com · 3 minute read

Despite collaboration claims, a survey finds 41% of managers hope to substitute employees with cheaper AI tools in 2024.

arstechnica.com · 3 minute read

NYC's attempt to streamline city law advice through AI backfires, with the chatbot providing dangerously inaccurate information.

fortune.com · 2 minute read

OpenAI unveils its voice cloning technology but delays public release due to potential misuse concerns.

popsci.com · 3 minute read

With the launch of AI nursebots, the healthcare industry faces ethical questions about replacing human care with automated empathy.

thedailybeast.com · 5 minute read

As AI art flourishes on Facebook, seniors are particularly prone to being deceived, pointing to a critical gap in AI awareness and education.

the-decoder.com · 2 minute read

Personalized AI's superior persuasiveness in debates emphasizes the need for ethical considerations and safeguards against manipulation in online platforms.

time.com · 6 minute read

Identifying AI's potential to destabilize global security, a new report calls for immediate regulatory actions to prevent existential threats.

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