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Is Your Content Feeding AI?

Plus, Privacy Concern Over OpenAI's Agents

werd.io · 4 minute read

Platforms are selling user content to AI vendors, sparking urgent calls for copyright protection and collective action.

freethink.com · 2 minute read

As OpenAI pushes forward with task-performing AI agents, skepticism about their reliability and potential misuse grows.

racket.news · 6 minute read

Gemini's creation of fictitious controversies and biases reveals a troubling oversight in AI's understanding of history and personal reputation.

ibtimes.co.uk · 2 minute read

In anticipation of the 2024 elections, Meta commits to identifying and labeling AI-generated content to shield the public from misinformation.

nymag.com · 4 minute read

nbcnews.com · 4 minute read

As a Beverly Hills middle school community grapples with the fallout of AI-generated deepfakes, there's a pressing demand for protective laws and educational reforms.

fast.ai · 8 minute read

Optimism about AI curing cancer overlooks the technology's limitations and the intricacies of the healthcare system, necessitating a balanced view of its potential.

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