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Your AI Chats Stored for Years, Google Warns

Plus, Bizarre AI Assessments Puzzle Job Applicants

zdnet.com · 3 minute read

Concerns rise as Google's Gemini privacy notice reveals conversations are kept for three years, even after deletion.

futurism.com · 4 minute read

Job seekers face bewildering AI personality tests, highlighting a shift in hiring practices with uncertain outcomes.

gizmodo.com · 3 minute read

Investigations into AI romantic partners uncover a disturbing trade-off: deep personal data collection masked behind digital affection.

takes.jamesomalley.co.uk · 11 minute read

London's Tube station AI trial promises operational improvements but ignites fears over intrusive surveillance.

finance.yahoo.com · 5 minute read

AI's efficiency gains come with a hidden cost: job cuts in the shadows, as companies quietly reshape their workforce.

abcnews.go.com · 3 minute read

CEO Sam Altman warns of "societal misalignments" from AI, advocating for global oversight akin to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

microsoft.com · 12 minute read

Microsoft and OpenAI's joint effort highlights emerging AI threats and defense strategies, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

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