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Major Job Cuts at UPS as AI Takes Over

Plus, How Do AI Models React to War Games? With Nukes

notebookcheck.net · 1 minute read

The layoff of 12,000 managers by UPS underscores the harsh realities of AI in the labor market, blending innovation with unsettling job losses.

tweaktown.com · 2 minute read

Simulated war games reveal a concerning inclination of AI models, including GPT-3.5 and Llama 2, to resort to nuclear options.

marketwatch.com · 3 minute read

A deepfake scam involving AI impersonation causes a Hong Kong company employee to mistakenly transfer $25 million, highlighting the emerging risks of AI in fraud.

androidauthority.com · 2 minute read

By automating tasks from document handling to web research, OpenAI's upcoming AI agents could significantly impact employment in administrative fields.

cnbc.com · 6 minute read

The use of AI by major corporations to monitor employee chats reflects growing concerns over privacy and the ethical implications of surveillance technology.

wired.com · 5 minute read

In Ukraine's conflict, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and aerial drones are increasingly facing off, marking a new chapter in robotics warfare where machines battle machines.

arstechnica.com · 15 minute read

With AI mastering, musicians can achieve radio-ready sound in minutes, democratizing music production and challenging traditional mastering roles.

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