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Future Factories: No Humans, Just AI

Plus, Bard AI to Scan Your Google Messages

asiatimes.com · 1 minute read

Samsung's initiative to replace human labor with AI in chip production raises questions about the future of work.

forbes.com · 5 minute read

Google's move to integrate Messages with Bard AI indicates a leap in functionality amidst rising privacy debates.

thestar.com.my · 3 minute read

The creation of Tong Tong, an AI child capable of human-like emotions and tasks, prompts discussions on the future of AI ethics and integration.

thehill.com · 3 minute read

After a concerning briefing on AI, Will Hurd urges the establishment of regulatory frameworks to manage AI's rapid advancement responsibly.

pbs.org · 4 minute read

AI's potential for harm was showcased in New Hampshire, where robocalls impersonating Biden sought to manipulate voter behavior.

gatesnotes.com · 3 minute read

Bill Gates expresses optimism for robotics, spotlighting the technology's capabilities to solve complex problems and improve human tasks.

thereach.ai · 2 minute read

Amid rising automation concerns, Altman envisions a future where AI fosters unparalleled entrepreneurial success for individuals.

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