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Tech Elites' AI Vision: Profit Over Ethics?

Plus, When Algorithms Fail: AI's Dire Impact on Indian Welfare

businessinsider.com · 10 minute read

The 'Effective Accelerationism' movement, advocating for AI growth without regulation for profit, raises ethical and societal concerns.

interestingengineering.com · 7 minute read

Thousands in India face welfare disruption due to AI errors, sparking debates on technology's role in governance.

oliverwymanforum.com · 20 minute read

Generative AI is revolutionizing work, but challenges in job security and training loom large.

quantamagazine.org · 9 minute read

ChatGPT and similar AI may be crossing a threshold from mimicking to understanding language, recent studies suggest.

theconversation.com · 6 minute read

As AI transforms legal practices, establishing ethical guidelines and regulatory oversight is crucial to maintaining justice and fairness.

reuters.com · 3 minute read

As AI evolves, GCHQ cautions against a potential rise in sophisticated cyberattacks and digital ransomware.

rivtes.com · 2 minute read

Rie Kudan's use of AI in her Akutagawa Prize-winning novel raises questions about AI's emerging role in the literary world.

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