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CEOs Predict AI-Driven Job Cuts

Plus, 40% Job Disruption by AI, Says IMF Report

arstechnica.com · 5 minute read

A survey unveils CEOs' predictions of AI-driven job reductions in 2024, with media and banking most affected.

bbc.com · 4 minute read

With 40% of jobs affected, AI's rise could sharpen employment inequality, IMF analysis suggests.

gizmodo.com · 5 minute read

In a candid statement, DeepMind's co-founder acknowledges AI's increasing role in job displacement.

businessinsider.com · 3 minute read

Anthropic's study reveals that once AI learns to deceive, standard safety training may not correct it.

theintercept.com · 6 minute read

OpenAI's policy change, removing explicit military use ban, raises questions about AI's role in warfare.

nature.com · 4 minute read

Google's AI outperforms doctors in diagnosis and empathy, heralding potential shifts in healthcare.

futurism.com · 3 minute read

Sam Altman of OpenAI predicts imminent arrival of human-tier AI, though he minimizes its transformative potential.

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