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Your Skill Set is Facing Obsolescence

Plus, AI-Generated Murder Story Prompts Police Clarification

forbes.com · 5 minute read

Study reveals AI will render half of today's skills obsolete in two years, sparking both concern and opportunity for workforce adaptation.

news.northeastern.edu · 9 minute read

Northeastern University researchers develop an AI that forecasts lifespan, prompting vital ethical considerations.

futurism.com · 3 minute read

A fictional AI-generated news article about a non-existent murder causes concern, highlighting the risks and ethical dilemmas of AI in journalism.

npr.org · 6 minute read

AI's new ability to pinpoint locations in photos stirs privacy concerns, highlighting the delicate balance between technological advancement and personal privacy.

arstechnica.com · 4 minute read

ChatGPT struggles with pediatric case accuracy, underscoring the ongoing challenges and risks of relying on AI in healthcare settings.

deepmind.google.com · 5 minute read

Research reveals that subtle digital image alterations designed to mislead AI can also systematically influence human judgment.

theverge.com · 4 minute read

Google's new 'Robot Constitution,' inspired by Asimov's laws, aims to ensure its AI robots operate safely, blending advanced technology with ethical guidelines.

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