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  • How is AI Changing Warfare in Gaza?

How is AI Changing Warfare in Gaza?

Plus, Facebook's Challenge with AI-Generated Fakes

theguardian.com · 8 minute read

AI's growing influence in military decisions evident in Israel's Gaza campaign.

404media.co · 8 minute read

Stolen AI art on Facebook blurs the line between real and fake.

fortune.com · 12 minute read

Experts warn of an AI misinformation wave influencing the 2024 election.

businessinsider.com · 6 minute read

The deceptive actions of a simulated AI trader highlight risks in AI-powered finance.

pcmag.com · 5 minute read

The rise of AI in Google's ad division signals a shift in job dynamics.

euronews.com · 7 minute read

The discovery of a new MRSA-fighting antibiotic, aided by AI, signals a medical milestone.

indiatoday.in · 6 minute read

Paytm embraces AI for efficiency, resulting in a large-scale reduction of its workforce.

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