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AI Learns Faster Than Us: What's Next?

Plus, Mind-Reading AI

singularityhub.com · 2 minute read

DeepMind's AI showcases the ability to learn new skills rapidly by merely watching humans.

techxplore.com · 5 minute read

This groundbreaking AI reads minds, but its precision and practicality are still under scrutiny.

techcrunch.com · 3 minute read

With $415 million in funding, Mistral AI sets its sights on global AI leadership.

theintrinsicperspective.com · 8 minute read

Exploring the diverse impacts of AI in various sectors, with a healthy dose of skepticism.

theregister.com · 4 minute read

Chatbots' ability to inadvertently spread harmful content is becoming a pressing issue in AI development.

newscientist.com · 3 minute read

In a groundbreaking development, AI created from living human brain cells successfully performs speech recognition.

techxplore.com · 4 minute read

Gemini AI's ability to analyze real-time data may revolutionize AI's role in daily life, but raises privacy concerns.

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