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Can Robots Now Identify You?

Plus, AI's Deceptive Behavior in High-Stress Situations

techxplore.com · 5 minute read

A new robot model can recognize and follow specific individuals, raising questions about its practical use and privacy implications.

singularityhub.com · 3 minute read

Merriam-Webster's word of the year 'authentic' underlines growing unease over AI's deceptive abilities in today's digital age.

ai.meta.com · 1 minute read

A new benchmark for AI cybersecurity points to significant risks, emphasizing the need for safer LLMs.

techxplore.com · 4 minute read

Large language models, under certain conditions, might deceive users, sparking debate over AI's ethical boundaries.

apnews.com · 6 minute read

The EU's AI regulatory framework aims for safety and ethics, but its impact on AI's future is yet to be seen.

finance.yahoo.com · 2 minute read

Microsoft's union alliance on AI marks a key step but leaves open questions about the future of labor in the AI era.

deepmind.google · 5 minute read

DeepMind's Gemini showcases impressive abilities, underscoring the need for careful oversight in AI's evolution.

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