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CEO Picks ChatGPT Over Humans

Plus, Ridley Scott: AI as a Tech H-Bomb

techspot.com · 2 minute read

In a recent interview, film director Ridley Scott calls AI a "technical hydrogen bomb," highlighting the urgent need for awareness and regulation.

theverge.com · 1 minute read

Meta has dissolved its Responsible AI team, sparking debate about the future of ethical AI development within the company.

gatesnotes.com · 12 minute read

Bill Gates discusses how AI agents will democratize services, making them more accessible and affordable.

openai.com · 5 minute read

With the introduction of GPTs, OpenAI is bridging the gap between AI and real-world applications, signaling a new era of rapid integration.

futurism.com · 2 minute read

A CEO replaced most of his human customer service team with ChatGPT, raising questions about the future role of AI in the workplace.

futurism.com · 2 minute read

Researchers identify jobs most vulnerable to AI, including teaching and financial services.

techxplore.com · 4 minute read

An AI system designed a walking robot in seconds, showcasing the potential for rapid innovation in robotics.

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